Small minds big discoveries... 

 The staff at LDI provide a nurturing caring environment; where relationships are built, and infants feel secure and confident to explore developmentally appropriate materials. They will spend a good part of their day singing songs, reading stories, and investigating the world around them, which is equipped with a variety of items that include building blocks, exploring puzzles and pretend play. You will find teachers rocking babies, feeding them at meal time, and nurturing them to build confidents that will prepare them for their next adventure, the toddler room.


 Toddlers are at our Brockton & East Bridgewater Location.   Our Toddlers childcare/Daycare is designed for children from 15 months to 2.9 years old. In the Toddler classroom the children are provided structure while also engaging in activities that foster the many areas of development. One of the things that makes two-year-old's so much fun is that toddlers are becoming more and more effective in communicating. They are eager explorers and have many skills – walking, talking, and figuring out how things work – which allow them to venture out and make lots of new discoveries when they feel a strong sense of security in their environment. 

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Learn Play Grow 


Acquiring self-help skills is an important part of the preschool experience. In our preschool program, the children continue their growth while engaging in fun activities. We encourage children to clean up toys and materials through modeling, music, and song. Children are learning to be responsible for their own things and keeping items in their assigned cubbies. At this age, they enjoy their friendships with each other. Our teachers give them plenty of time for unstructured, imaginative play, which helps them develop language skills and socialization. 

Preparing for Kindergarten


Preparing for Kindergarten At our preschool, children are engaged in activities that prepare them in many ways for the kindergarten year. Fine motor development continues with regular activities, which include drawing, painting, cutting, puzzles, and writing. We lay the foundation for later skills in math by counting, measuring, weighing, cooking, and exploring relative values. Furthermore, to develop the children's natural curiosity, we conduct experiments of all kinds. We also explore literacy on many levels including stories, books, poems and songs, as well as making the connection between letters, words, and sentences expressing thoughts. 

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Rolling Enrollment

Choosing Little Discoveries today will be one of the best decisions you make for your child’s tomorrow. The best way to truly appreciate the excellence of our program is to visit one of Little Discoveries locations. Click on the tab to schedule a tour and explore what makes Little Discoveries your top choice. During the tour you will have an opportunity to view our classrooms, learn about our programs and meet the director and staff. 

 We are open Monday-Friday, 7-5:30pm. We understand everyone schedules are different, which is why we allow for plenty of flexibility. Your child can come two, three, or five days a week. If space is open, we enroll all year long. 

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